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Tom McCormick


Tom McCormick, President & CEO

Tom McCormick is the President, Founder and CEO of The Nationwide Group of Companies (TNGOC): www.tngoc.com

The Nationwide group of companies first began with Tom’s concept of a valuation platform in 1996 when he began NAS (Nationwide Appraisal Services). NAS is now Canada’s largest valuation provider and leader in automation, data analytics and process improvement for the Canadian lending community.

The success of NAS in Canada has seen the expansion of NAS in the Caribbean; Mexico, Central America and Asia are underway.

Tom also created Nationwide Energy Advisors (NEA). NEA is a licensed Service Organization through Natural Resources Canada, providing energy audits to homeowners looking to make their homes more energy efficient, while enjoying the benefits of both federal and provincial grants.

Another part of TNGOC family is Nationwide Recovery Services (NRS). NRS facilitates the process of turning defaulted collateral into revenue generating assets. NRS brings intelligence, speed and efficiency to the process of recovering secured debt.

Tom’s vision and innovations have, and continue to change the way the mortgage industry does business in Canada (and outside of Canada).

Alberto J. González Becerra


Alberto J. González Becerra

Alberto has more than 18 years of experience in Mexico’s real estate sector; particularly 15 years within the Banking industry – Banamex, Citigroup and Scotiabank – and vast knowledge in appraisal management, mortgage, commercial lending, credit risk, collateral management and construction. He has a degree in Architecture and a Master in Real Estate Valuation, besides other courses in Leadership and Coaching.

Alberto actively contribute in Mexico’s Banks Association where in 2011, he assumed the role of VP of Relations and Diffusion for the most important Appraisers Association of Mexico City (SAVAC).In 2012, he held the same position within the Appraisal Units Association in Mexico (ANUVAC), always trying to contribute to the valuation community.

Alberto joins Nationwide Appraisal Services as the Executive Vice President for Latin America, responsible for the company’s expansion project to Spanish speaking countries. His mandate is to develop the sales and operations for both Nationwide Appraisal Services (NAS) and Nationwide Recovery Services (NRS), to offer our clients solutions to mitigate the credit risk through effective appraisal and adjudicated real estate management.

Email: alberto.gonzalez@nationwideappraisals.com